The Solution?

Gutter Flash! As shown in the diagram below (highlighted in green). Gutter Flash slides under the first course of shingles, over existing roof flashing and/or drip edge, and allows OVER 2 inches to pitch or slope for gutters while NEVER touching your roof creating a watertight seal. It’s not flashing, it’s Gutter Flash! The FIRST and ONLY design specifically for watertight gutters!

By using Gutter Flash on your home, rest assured, that your gutters are not only properly flashed; but maintain a watertight seal, support your shingle overhang, push water to the center of the gutter, hide your gutter hangers, and do not damage your roof.

Be sure to ask your installers these four simple educated questions when you request a quote-

Are you going to pull or damage my drip edge/roof flashing in any way? Correct Answer: NO

Are you going to maintain a watertight seal? Correct Answer: YES

Will I see my drip edge/roof flashing being exposed? Correct Answer: NO

Am I going to be able to see my gutter hangers? Correct Answer: NO                                                                                 

If your installer answers incorrectly to any of these four basic questions your installer is in fact not installing your gutters correctly!