Our Story

Truss Gutter Products, LLC is Headquartered in Boerne, Texas just outside San Antonio. Truss primarily operates as a whole manufacturer and distributor of patented gutter products that are sold nationwide. These gutter products are for the single family, multi-family, and commercial construction market. Truss has been in business since 2003. We are proud to offer the best Gutters and Gutter Installation system on the market. Truss developed "SnapLock Gutter System™" . This system is patented and offers our dealers and you, the home owner, an alternative that is a superior gutter installation unlike anything currently in the market today. Our innovative “No-Holes” technology uses no spikes or nails for attachment to your roof line. There is no need to penetrate the front or back of the gutter. The result is a watertight mating of the gutter at the edge of your roof - a seal that prevents seepage, rust, rot and mold. Further, because the integrity of your gutter channel is not riddled with holes, our Gutter System dramatically outlasts traditional rain gutters while protecting your home against the hazards associated with bacterial mold and fungus. Truss has also developed LeafLock Gutter Protection. With the “LeafLock Gutter Protection System™” the gutters are free-floating; the LeafLock bracket floats on the hanger eliminating any buckling issues with the panel. The LeafLock bracket guarantees a perfect nose-forward position every time guaranteeing proper performance for the life of the home. Once installed there is nothing stronger or more permanent on the market today! We also offer LeafOff Gutter Protection. Truss makes installation easy with the TWedge- An easy, revolutionary way of supporting the gutters when by itself cannot sit plumb. With the Twedge, Gutters sit upright and correct, ensuring gutters to work to their optimal level and eliminate sags and pull-aways. Available in 5" and 6" K Style wedges, Half-Round wedges, 1x2 Wedges and the all-in-one 1x2 gutter hanger